A core element of the Hanson Center’s mission is to foster collaboration and community among faculty with interests in inclusive STEM Studies–an interdisciplinary field in which the theories, perspectives, and methods of inquiry from the social sciences, humanities, and other disciplines are used to study the cultures, practices, methods, and products of STEM. To help understand the interests and needs of faculty who teach and/or do research in STEM Studies, the Hanson Center is reaching out to hold one-on-one conversations with faculty members whose expertise falls in this area. The goals of these conversations are to 1) provide a comprehensive description and analysis of the current faculty expertise in STEM studies, 2) identify needs, resources, and structures that would be helpful to these faculty, and 3) determine how best to collaborate and foster a community of practice in STEM Studies. If you are interested in STEM Studies and would like to be a part of this discussion, follow this link.