This semester the Hanson Center Inclusive STEM Reading Group will engage with a variety of readings (e.g. journal articles and a draft report) in conjunction with the programming around our Visiting Scholar, Dr. Michelle Smith. Dr. Smith, Ann S. Bowers Professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology and Senior Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education at Cornell University, is a renowned teacher-scholar who has published significant work on evidence-based ways to improve STEM education. Her first on-campus visit will be on September 14-15.

The Hanson Center Reading Group will begin the fall semester by reading and discussing a number of Dr. Smith’s journal articles. These articles will connect to the topics and issues we will explore during Dr. Smith’s visits, such as active learning in STEM classes, undergraduate research experiences, supporting students’ transition to college, and journaling in STEM courses to enhance student learning. We look forward to our discussions of these articles as a way to deepen our understanding of Dr. Smith’s scholarly work.

In November, when the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine release its discussion draft of Equitable and Effective Teaching in Undergraduate STEM Education: A Framework for Institutions, Educators and Disciplines, we will turn our attention to this report. As described by the National Academies, this “study will develop an evidence based framework for equitable and effective teaching in undergraduate STEM education and provide an analysis of policies and practices at the departmental, programmatic, and institutional levels that can facilitate implementation of the principles in the framework.” The report will consider “different teaching contexts, modalities and types of institutions, as well as strategies and resources needed for implementation.” The National Academies are seeking input from stakeholders to improve the framework before they release a final report in 2024. Our discussion will help us to provide input to the National Academies.

As has been our practice, we will meet every two weeks. We have found that alternating between Thursday and Friday lunchtime throughout the semester helps us to connect across our various teaching schedules and other commitments. We will launch our discussions by holding our first meeting in person – with lunch provided by the Hanson Center – on Friday, September 8 at noon in RISC room 360. Subsequent meetings of the reading group will be via Zoom. Our final meeting in December will be in person at the College Hill Tavern and will serve as both a discussion session and celebration of the semester. 

Here are the dates for the Hanson Center Reading Group discussions:

  • Friday, Sept 8 at noon in RISC 360 with lunch provided by the Hanson Center
  • Thursday, Sept 21 at 12:20 via Zoom
  • Friday, Oct. 6 at noon via Zoom
  • Thursday, Oct. 19 at 12:20 via Zoom
  • Friday, Nov. 3 at noon via Zoom
  • Thursday, Nov. 16 at 12:20 via Zoom
  • Friday, Dec. 1 at noon via Zoom
  • Final meeting TBD at College Hill Tavern

Please complete this form to let us know of your interest in participating in the Hanson Center Reading Group this semester. We will then send you the articles and the National Academies report as they become available as well as the link to use for our Zoom sessions.

Hope to hear from you and look forward to our discussions!